My touch to Vitiligo

It was just few days ago . I rushed to my client ensuring needful to carry along  (Yoga mat ,  bottle of water, props and a towel for myself). This was a last moment deal about the timing ,  fees and place. So ,  he asked me to come to a 5 star hotel gym and provided transport nothing less than an Audi .

I asked for him at the reception; a concierge lead me to the gym area . He waved me quite unbothered way . It’s very difficult for me to make his face out . His skin  was full of patches,  white, pink and little brown. I was little nervous thinking that he shouldn’t make out what thoughts were going in my mind. I was nervous and trying hide it, trying to show how normal and composed I was. When I came near to him he stood up, his one leg was stooped . He was shorter than me but not hesitant about it at all.

I gave him some Yoga Therapies for his legs ,  then Pranayama and half an hour of Guided meditation & Yog Nidra. Ending the session , he asked gym instructor to provide Cranberry Mint juice for both of us. I figured out he was only 25, much younger than me. He said, “I had a different childhood.” “Only few months ago I isolated myself in a room playing only Game of Thrones and *(few other names).”  His hands and feet were completely white and few patches of brown skin. As I finished the drink I immediately asked him my willingness to leave. He offered me the fees in an envelope and as forwarded his hand, I was quite hesitant for a handshake . But , I didn’t want to refuse it and I left with a smile.

Though I knew Vitiligo was not at all contagious but I was more concious about dealing with him. I might have little more in ease if it was a female. Was he concious about his look in front of a woman? Was he feeling pity on himself? Does he curse his life? Then I thought if he was, he would have been sulking instead of pampering himself in a luxurious way. He is definitely  very strong than I thought. Very positive about his future. May be more than anyone of us without Vitiligo, without any scars or other physical adequacy.