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Step sister

Step Sister” – A book by Keya Dutta to inspire many; autobiography of Keya Dutta. How her destitute childhood took a toll to deep isolation, how she escaped from molestations by her own uncle. A lonely teenager & heartbreaking, mistakes she did, falling victim of conspiracy of her own blood relationship. How she met her step sister once again and……. What makes her a mysterious woman……….. Keya is presently working on her book “Step Sister” and looking for publication to join her for accomplishment.

2.”The Girl got her flapping wings”   – A teenage girl who never lived with her family,  was desparate to have her own home now. She was tired of miseries, woes, trials and tribulations. Her hostel warden often conflicted on her staying back alone in the hostel while entire inmates depart for home on holidays. She wanted a home eminently.

For that she compromised with a man,  whom she was not ready to give her all,  emotionally and physically.

Very soon,  she realised that her lover was feeling a sense of burden. He couldn’t able to find any work for 3 months. His money which he bor rowed from his cousin brother started shrinking.

There is only 5 to 6 kgs of rice remained. Since last week, she couldn’t even able to make him convince to buy a packet of salt which was 9 rs. She became pale,  weak and eyes went into deep pit. She experienced a tremor, sweating and low blood pressure.

Finally bowl of salt she borrowed from her neighbour, which she thought to be the last option. She thought to cook his favourite for the evening whatever least resources were left 1/3 of cooking oil, few cardamom seeds and last half spoon of spice.

She tasted few spoon of it and tears drops on her plate,  she sensed something is not right about the life the plight. She waited for him to have dinner together. Night went by, and he never came back. ..

Yet another miles of trial to cover again. She was devastated…… once again she had to stood up on her shaky and frightened legs.

The girl who had traumatic trials repeatedly. Fifteen years later when she looks back sitting at the balcony facing the pool side of her duplex she remembers the half shy, half foolish, ignorant girl became a fighter, witty and winner for herself,  is all on her own psychological triggers she possessed gradually.

From being a underdog, underprivileged,  a prey to many sexual predators how she conquered and finally got her wings to boast up the flappings is the voyage is the story.

**(Inspired by a true story)