Is Virtual Reality the Medium That Buddhism Has Been Waiting For?

1-clbugbur8bnubjg30svzmgAfter 18 minutes of virtual enlightenment, when the experience had run its course, I pulled the Samsung Gear VR headset off my face and looked out into another reality. I was sitting on my couche and when I looked down, my body had returned, more relaxed than it was before. Outside, birds softly sang.

Its Deepak Chopra’s new guided meditation simulation, which he describes as “an attempt to give people an idea of what could have been the Buddha’s journey into enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree.”

Soon, with the soothing voice of Deepak Chopra in my ear, the tree and the plain disappeared from my sight, and I found myself looking into the void of deep space, dark and fathomless, facing a giant, floating bronze statue of the Buddha, astral colors radiating from his third eye.