Hello Beautiful People and  Yogis!

My name is Keya, an teeny-weeny entrepreneur, a certified Yoga Teacher, a Spiritual Healer, Ayurveda therapist, an Wayfarer, an Wanderlust,  Former Human resource Analyst in corporate sector, But, I came down in favor of choosing a life stipulation of unconventional or fringe my own identity. Purpose of my writing is to paroxysm, to haul in my  persuasion,  escaped, dole out my years of occurrences, trials and tribulations;  contentment and gaiety or writing by and of itself gives me a Purpose.

herencyclopedia.com is a place to find yourself,  your inner beauty through wisdom, mindfulness and simplicity. To find  your hidden strength by help of learning Yogic life and spiritualism, sharing your views and opinions, enrich yourself with true wisdom and joy of living.  herencyclopedia.com is Believing  yourself, Art of etiquette and right attitude,  manners,  finding your inner peace through yoga and spiritualism, Personal Development, Motivational quotes , finding true friends, dealing with psychological trauma, nurturing your children,  home care, travel experience and tips, career and aspirations,  your dreams and passion. Namaste!


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