My next Book -“A Bowl of Salt”

My next Book -“A Bowl of Salt”“A Bowl Salt ” – A teenage girl who never lived with her family,  was disparate to have her own home with her lover. She wanted to feel home-life,  a living room,  bedroom furniture, small corner for prayer to the Deities.  She and her lover took vows in a Hindu Temple and self proclaimed as married.

Very soon,  she realised that her lover was feeling a sense of burden. He couldn’t able to find any work for 3 months. His money which he borrowed from his cousin brother started shrinking.

There is only 5 to 6 kilos of rice remained. Since last week, she couldn’t even able to make him convince to buy a packet of salt which was 9 rupees a kilo. She has become pale,  weak and eyes went into deep pit. She experienced a tremor, sweating and low blood pressure.

Finally bowl of salt she borrowed from her neighbour, which she thought to be the last option. She thought to cook pilaf(pulao) for evening whatever least resources were left 1/3 of cooking oil, few cardamom seeds and Jeera seeds.

She tasted few spoon of it and tears drops on her plate,  she sensed something is not right about her life. She will wait for him to have their dinner together. Time went on,  he never came back. ..

**(Inspired by a true story)


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