Why Some People are Highly Competitive

PC: Bob Schittereff

Competitiveness and testosterone:

Some behaviors cannot be explained in the light of simple seasons for usually more than one reason can come together to result in such behaviours. Competitiveness is one of the psychological traits that can be caused by more than one reason.

While a male with higher testosterone levels should be more competitive than a male with lower levels of testosterone still other environmental factors could make the later much more competitive than the first one.

Yes hormones have a powerful impact on humans but if the environmental factors were strong enough they could actually make a person develop totally different personality traits.

Why are some people highly competitive

A very ambitious person is very likely to be very competitive. An ambitious person would always want to have more resources and as a result he is very likely to keep comparing himself to others all the time. Those comparisons can fuel competitiveness and make that person addicted to winning.

The youngest child is also very competitive by nature , unless of course other environmental factors dampen his ambition. Youngest children usually develop the desire to strive to be better or to even be the best as a result of finding themselves the weakest member of the family.

A person can also become more competitive if people who mattered to him were around. If a man was near his wife during a competition then he might become more competitive as a result of wanting to avoid the shame of losing in front of her.

To sum things up

In some cases one or more reasons could be present together and as a result the person might be extremely competitive.

If a youngest child turned out to be a type A personality (type A personality is the personality type that results from the choice a person makes to deal with these insecurities rather than ignoring them) then this person might be competitive to an exaggerated extent. Now if that male also had high levels of testosterone then this could make his competitiveness ever more vigorous.

Female Competitive Fact:

Female fact that “environmental factors” (Authoritative/Child molestation/Jealousy/Deprivation etc.)  play such a role is also the reason why some females are very competitive even though they have much lower levels of testosterone than men.

In short when it comes to a trait such as competitiveness the causes behind it are much more complex than you might have thought. By understanding the person’s past, thoughts and beliefs you can easily find out the specific reasons that led to his over competitivness.



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