Instant Results

End Results Are Secondary To… Instant Results!

I exercise and do yoga to improve my physical and emotional shape. I practice new skills for happiness of my brain cells. I write in order to finish a novel.

But think about this.

  • Going to the gym or yoga strengthens my willpower and resolve right now(before my muscles get stronger).

  • Practicing new skills strengthens my mental dexterity right now(ex.before I learn French).

  • Writing strengthens my communication skills and creativity right now (before I finish the book)

Pursuing a goal improves me right now in ways that could last a lifetime. Positive end results are wonderful, but they’re one-time events. By the time I reach an end result, I might have already gained plenty from its pursuit. Life is about the journey, not because of some wishy-washy sentiment, but because the journey produces the greatest personal growth and benefits.

Ignore “end results” to get more of them!

Of course, I still have to do things, but I dissected in not having to achieve a positive end result completely dissolves most resistance to action.

Is it easier to write a few pages of a story idea or to write a  blog ? Is it easier to make my entire house spotless or to “improve this area a little bit?” Is it easier to give a speech that ends in a 5 minute standing ovation or “to do my best and forget the rest?”

When we let go of our need for great end results, we unlock the power of the present moment to instantly make us into slightly better, more skilled people. When we obsess over that perfect result, we hesitate to try, we undervalue the power of resultless practice, and we stunt our potential in a haze of fantasy. Anyone can fantasize about doing great things, or reaching their fullest potential, but the only ones who get close are (ironically) those who move their gaze from the trophy and to the unimpressive, unheralded steps required to get it.

I’ll bet that we’re human and thus, there’s an area of our life that could be better. Beware! These areas are at the greatest risk for “result-wishing.” We want that promotion, that trophy husband or wife, that popular blog, that number on the scale, that level of musical mastery, that level of fitness, that respect from our peers, that dream house, that income, that happiness. Whatever it may be, be open to it happening and believe it’s possible, but don’t let our desire for it blind us to what’s possible now.

End results are the trophy. But we won’t get the trophy unless win the race. And we won’t win the race unless develop those subtle skills and improvements that come from trying your best regardless of results.This isn’t a call to drop our dreams and settle for less, it’s a call to step up and give ourself a chance to reach your dreams.


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