Three girls, analogous story and how they met

The Bible warns that God “will come near to you for judgment … who oppress the widows and the fatherless” (Malachi 3:5).

About 20 million children, about 4% of their population in India and higher than people living in Delhi, are orphan. Of them, parents of only 0.3% children have died and rest have been abandoned.

Year 2016 entered and visiting a Orphanage was top of my priority list. for many months I was searching for those Orphanages who are not business oriented. So, I Published in social media that “I want teach free Yoga to in Orphanages”.  And, one of my acquaintance apprised about “Asha Kuteer” . So, my intention of meeting those destitute kids, to see their eyes, talking to them, eating with them, playing with them just fulfilled. I realised the most children in Asha Kuteer, are being able to cope up with their new environment and specially the Founder of  ASHA Kuteer Orphanage HOME, Jeevan Rao Gudeti and his wife Mercy trying their utmost effort to connecting and affinity of parenthood to the children.

But, while I was about to leave them, espied three girls with common mantle wound been found. I stopped and took some time out talk to them each. And here is they narrated me their stories with

arjun mounikas brother
Mounika’s brother Arjun

She and family was living in hut in old city(Hyderabad, India). she was six year old when one nightmare has change her life along with her  younger brother. That fateful night her father came drunk and had a quarrel with her mother. He has beaten her mother brutally, then after he poured gasoline on her and burnt her alive. Mounika was holding her younger brother in her hand and she got deathly still seeing her mother burning alive. When she assimilated she started crying and shouting, she immediately ran out and asked for help. But nobody came help her. In that state, she even beaten her father. She then decided go to her mother’s friend who finally came to delve into the incident. She called Mounika’s grandmother and immediately admitted Mounika’s mother in the hospital, but she couldn’t survive.


After that Mounika fell sick and got fever. She was so traumatized completely to make her bed ridden and didn’t speak with anyone for long time.In the meantime,  her father was arrested and kept in Jail. after he came out on bail, he started working in railway station as a porter. But for some unknown reason, he was killed and kept on railway track.

Even after years, Mounika not being able getting out of that trauma. While narrating this to me, there were tears rolling from her eyes. When i asked her father’s name, she was reluctant to tell his name as she is still angry on him.




sekhar sravanthis bro
Sravanthi’s broher Sekher

She is from a village in Tandur area, Ranga Reddy Dt. Her father was a alcoholic. He came home drunk and had quarrel with her mother and beaten her. After that they slept. Everything was looking good and seems a bright morning was waiting for them. But, late in the night, he poured gasoline on her mother and burned her. Sravanthi got up from the sleep when she heard gruesome scream of her mother. And saw her mother was burning. She immediately woke her brother up and ran out to inform her neighbors. They called Sravanthi’s grand mother. By the time, they reach, her mother was dead. Neighbors kept her father in a room and locked him. Next day morning police came and arrested him. He was imprisoned but soon he came out on bail. After some time, he was murdered. It is rumored that some family member of Sravanthi’s mother might have killed him. After a year, both Sravanthi and Her brother has joined in our Asha-Kuteer Home.


Eesha :


Eesha was very young, when her father left her and her mother. She doesn’t even know who he is. Later they moved to a slum. Her mother was working in a factory. One day she came home little early from work and she fell asleep early. Late in the evening one man has knocked the door. Eesha opened the door. He savagely entered into their room and poured the gasoline on her mother. It even spilled on Eesha too. Then the man lit the fire and ran away. Eesha went out for help and somehow could save her mother in hellish condition. Just after few days, her mother died. Later she and her brother moved to her uncle’s home. But, her aunty started torturing them ruthlessly. A year of callous survival , she has joined Asha Kuteer Home.










If you have any enquirers kindly contact me!

“We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can’t solve” by Linda Lingle



4 thoughts on “Three girls, analogous story and how they met

  1. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I deeply appreciate what you’re doing to help these children. You make me wonder if I’m on the right track with my life of ease, sitting here writing fiction while people like you are out helping orphans. I try to write things to help people learn how to stop killing one another and themselves, but my writing is so tiny and powerless compared to what you’re doing with these children. Thank you for your brave, energetic, and loving example.

    By the way, do you know of any “near death experiences” that have happened to people of India. In the US, books have been written documenting stories of white light, feelings of euphoria and love, etc. I’m trying to find out if the near death experiences in the US are similar to those happening to people in your important part of the world. Any hints you might give me would be cherished. Here’s a link to my blog:


    1. Hi M. Talmange!

      Thank you for your kind words!

      First of all these kind occurrences very common in uneducated group of people in India. There may thousands of cases like this. It’s a big challenge to educate this category of people to stop harassment and intolerance. However, it’s more important to rescue the children and give them abundant of love, compassion and education.

      I have not much idea about “near death experiences” since my intention is more into children welfare!


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