How Mood affects when you spot your first White Hair

How white hair affects your mood

It may be pre-mature or just at the right time, but as soon as you see your first white hair so many calculations might take place in your mind and your mood might change as a result.

The first thing you will start to think about is that you are growing old. You might even go far and think that you are becoming weaker or less physically capable. Many people will compare their progress in life to their achievements the second they see that white hair.

But, mood will be 100% dependent on the type of processing that always takes place in the mind. If for example a man believed that white hair makes people look wise and more handsome then actually seeing white hair might make him feel good.

On the other hand a man who believes that his goals are still far from his reach might get really sad when he sees white hair as he might conclude that he is running out of time. See i am too old to start over.

The amount of white hair

Now as the amount of white hair increases a person’s emotional intensity will increase as well. So if a person felt bad when he initially saw the first white hair then probably his emotions will keep going worse as gets more white hair unless he changes something about his life or thoughts. See also fear of growing up.

Many people , especially women, start to get concerned about their looks when they get white hair. This concern might keep growing as the white hair increases and as a result the change in emotions might become more intense.

Couple of years ago one friend saw her first white hair at 23. First thing -Sigh! After a month she decided to go for hair dye. But, I told her to go for natural remedies, Ayurveda and some Yoga Therapy for long term good result too. Yes, she is enjoying her overall benefits of it.

First thing that comes in your mind –

I am too old to start over

If you think that you are too old to succeed then read the following success stories of people who achieved success after an old age. Some of them changed careers after 50 while others began new careers in their 70s!

Do you think that you are too old to start over? then read the following lines

People who succeed late in life

  • 1) Colonel Sanders, started at the age of 65: The name might not be familiar but his brand is familiar to people all around the world. Kentucky friend chicken was founded by Colonel Sanders after the age of 65! At that old age he desperately tried to sell his recipe to restaurants and got around 1000 rejections before he managed to become successful. Do you think you are old to start over?
  • 2) Peter Mark Roget, started at the age of 73: The following line is copied from Wikipedia “He is best known for publishing, in 1852, the Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (Roget’s Thesaurus), a classified collection of related words”. The one thing that Wikipedia didn’t mention is that Peter published his Thesaurus at the age of 73 and he became famous for it! How old are you to believe that you are too old for success?
  • 3)Grandma Moses, started at the age of 76!: Grandma Moses was a very old lady but she started becoming passionate about paintings. Grandma Moses started to sell paintings for 2 and 3 dollars and as the time passed she became so successful that many of her paintings were sold for thousands of dollars. In 2006 one of her works was sold for 1.2 million dollars! You think you are too old right?

Success has nothing to do with age

How old are you? Thirty? forty? fifty? seventy? ninety?
It won’t even matter!
Success has nothing to do with age. You just need to believe that you can start all over and be persistent.


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