Retro fantacy

Me; Retro Fantacy

I love the energy of that time.

simpler, happier emerging from the aftermath of the Second World war,

Families moved to the suburbs, fostered a baby boom

and subsist a happy life of family together.

A decade known for it’s conservative value

Dating a man would have never beeen shallow

There is a charming simplicity of it

I would have been wearing broad shoulder and tiny waist outfit.

Though Women had very little opportunities to be independent

The television show aired  “How to be a Good Wife” entitled.

Every morning, I woke my children up,

feast that consisted of towers of pancakes,

piles of eggs, and platefuls of bacon and patties

all topped with a pound of syrup.

The era don’t allow to greet husbands with problems or complaints,

Pity,  I would have been dependent on weekly monetary allowances.






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