Spirituality doesn’t mean you have to be poverty stricken

Goddess Abundantia is the Roman Goddess of Abundance, Good fortune and Success. Her name means “Plenty” or “Overflowing riches”. She has also been called “The beautiful Maiden of Success”.

“Money should be in your wallet, not in your heart and mind”

“It’s a survival Instinct”

“It is not that wealth is intrinsically evil, or that poverty is blessed.”

“Prosperity is chief qualifies of the lord of the Universe”

What is Spirituality?

Hindu “Goddess Lakshmi” of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Her four hands represent four goals of important to the Hindu way of life: Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha
Spirituality is everything. Spirituality is about applying spiritual wisdom in life and resolving karma. In remembering and reconnecting with that truth you open yourself up to practices to help you be more, have more and do more…namely FUN. In applying spiritual wisdom in your life to increase the power of your potential and the power of you, abundance is an outcome that you can choose. However if you choose not for whatever reason it doesn’t mean that you have less spirituality it just means you haven’t resolved the money and/or abundance stuff. The reason why spirituality isn’t about money, yet money is spiritual is because abundance is a fact and a universal state and not dependent on how spiritually adept you are. It is simply about how much you accept abundance as a fact and live and create your reality in light of that truth.

For many centuries Popes, Philosophers, Monks,Spiritual gurus criticizing money as devil. And, we have validate the belief that people who are wealthy, are not good people. And our subconscious mind feels guilty about earning money or acquiring wealth. The reason why fear of success holds many people back.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Dr Demartini has a profound way of growing wealth using Universal laws. He points to both the benefits and limitations about how modern day spirituality approaches the money conversation and how most people are stuck in spiritual materialism, their own psychology, or the guilt and shame associated with money and personal growth. Learning h distinction between narcissism and altruism and how understanding both is key to growing your income. By attending this talk, you’ll be sure to learn a few key mindsets to change your paradigm around money and spirituality so you can live a more abundant, awakened life without the guilty baggage.

Nature is in abundant; and nature is spiritual too. We can’t detach ourself  from responsibility to our family,  society, to our neighbors, government and more importantly to our own self.  even animal, birds, ants and all the living creatures struggle for their needs, hunger and territory. So, is that make animal kingdom less spiritual?

Money is spiritual but having it or not doesn’t make you less or more spiritual!

It is possible to be financially abundant whilst following a spiritual path.

Wealth and Abundance in Hinduism and spirituality:

Hindu way of life: Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha
  1. Dharma: Duty & Responsibilities.
  2. Artha:  Wealth
  3. Kama: Enjoyment
  4. Moksha: Liberation

According to Hinduism, earning wealth is the primary aims ( PusrushArthas) of Human life. But, in Hinduism wealth earned and only spent on own pleasure is devil and wealth earned and also spent for the sake of Dharma(Duty/ Responsibilities) is Divine!

Alfred Marshall’s theory of Economics:

He began with metaphysics, specifically “the philosophical foundation of knowledge, especially in relation to theology.” He saw that the duty of economics was to improve material conditions, but such improvement would occur, Marshall believed, only in connection with social and political forces. His interest in liberalism, socialism, trade unions, women’s education, poverty and progress reflect the influence of his early social philosophy on his later activities and writings.

When money earned is not Spiritual?

Money that is earned through bad sources like corrupted politics, corrupted business, ransom money, Black money, Profit from the sale of narcotics,  guns, or other illegal activities. Money is not blissful for what you can’t give enough time for your family, Society and Bhakti(Devotion)

Greed: Blood Diamond 

Acquiring Political Power and misuse: All the King’s Men (1949)

Difference between Materialism and Wealth: 

  • A desire for wealth and material possessions with little interest no interest  in ethical and spiritual matter.
  • Materialism when you have earned so much of money but but you can’t keep a peaceful life, your disputes between family, wife/husband/children/parents. Spiritual wealth is about bringing peace and joy to your family, pleasant moments between you and your spouse, with your children. 
  • Materialism is buying things we don’t need and buying things/material object just to impress people. 



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