Colombo,Buddhism and Elephant

Colombo fascinated me by simplicity of the people, and the roads cleanliness…even a stray piece of trash will surprise you, serene beaches, local boys playing football so passionately, Buddhist temples and their architecture is a mix of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian and Chinese.

I went to Colombo as a Business Development manager from my ex-company, though my ever wayfarer soul didn’t left any chance to explore the city even it was a two days trip.

1st day: 5 Am (IST) I still have 4 hours to meet the client. I was craving for my morning tea. But, hotel restaurants were not opened yet. Then I remembered Dilmah a very famous Ceylon brand. Bingoo!! I found it in my hotel room kitchen.

colombo sri lanka galle face 2
football paying on beaches, colombo

Finishing my exotic Dilmah cup of tea, went to the beach which is facing my hotel room. Local boys are laid back, some playing football, few kids learning scuba diving. Realized, despite being poorer county than India, Colombians (Srilanka) have no lack of zeal and finding out all opportunities that mother nature provided!

Auto-rickshaw, Colombo

Winding up the client meeting at 4 PM, first thing galloping for a cold shower since it was little humid in mid November. Thought to visit Gangaramaya Vihara Temple which was just 7 Km away. A ride on auto-rickshaw to remember!!



This Buddhist temple includes several imposing buildings and is situated not far from the placid waters of Beira Lake on a plot of land that was originally a small hermitage on a piece of marshy land. It has the main features of a Vihara (temple), the Cetiya (Pagada) the Bodhitree, the Vihara Mandiraya, the Seema malaka (assembly hall for monks) and the Relic Chamber. In addition, a museum, a library, a residential hall, a three storeyed Pirivena, educational halls and an alms hall are also on the premises.

Gangaramaya serves not only as a place of Buddhist worship; it is also a centre of learning. The temple is involved in Buddhist welfare work including old peoples’ homes, a vocational school and an orphanage. The temple is uniquely attractive and tolerant to congregation members of many different religions. It has also been instrumental in establishing the Buddhist temple on Staten Island (U.S.A.) the Buddhist Center in New York and the Buddhist Centre in Tanzania, thereby helping to propagate the Dhamma in other countries.


Elephant Orphanage, Colombo

The Sri Lankan elephant is the largest of all the Asian elephant.  Sri Lankan elephants are highly intelligent, self-aware, social, emotional as well as strong. It is reported that they move to safer places when natural disasters occur. A classic example is that in 2004 when the tsunami hit the island, elephants that were roaming in the coastal areas at the time had moved inland moments before the tsunami reached after sensing the looming calamity.

I know the best way to observe them in wild! But, just had to visit an Elephant orphanage in post haste.

Shopping and Food: Day 2: Post meeting

Tranquilness on Mt Lavinia Beach: 

Lavinia beach, Colombo
Lavinia beach, Colombo

Mt Lavinia is one of Colombo’s more laidback suburbs filled with great restaurants on the golden beach and is named after Lovinia, the gypsy dancing girl who had a secret romance with one of Sri Lanka’s governors.

Some Last Minute Shopping : One of Sri Lanka’s best kept secrets is the shopping opportunities in Colombo –sleek department stores and cool shopping malls are filled with designer clothing, shoes and handbags, plus handicrafts, home furnishings and more.


How Mood affects when you spot your first White Hair

How white hair affects your mood

It may be pre-mature or just at the right time, but as soon as you see your first white hair so many calculations might take place in your mind and your mood might change as a result.

The first thing you will start to think about is that you are growing old. You might even go far and think that you are becoming weaker or less physically capable. Many people will compare their progress in life to their achievements the second they see that white hair.

But, mood will be 100% dependent on the type of processing that always takes place in the mind. If for example a man believed that white hair makes people look wise and more handsome then actually seeing white hair might make him feel good.

On the other hand a man who believes that his goals are still far from his reach might get really sad when he sees white hair as he might conclude that he is running out of time. See i am too old to start over.

The amount of white hair

Now as the amount of white hair increases a person’s emotional intensity will increase as well. So if a person felt bad when he initially saw the first white hair then probably his emotions will keep going worse as gets more white hair unless he changes something about his life or thoughts. See also fear of growing up.

Many people , especially women, start to get concerned about their looks when they get white hair. This concern might keep growing as the white hair increases and as a result the change in emotions might become more intense.

Couple of years ago one friend saw her first white hair at 23. First thing -Sigh! After a month she decided to go for hair dye. But, I told her to go for natural remedies, Ayurveda and some Yoga Therapy for long term good result too. Yes, she is enjoying her overall benefits of it.

First thing that comes in your mind –

I am too old to start over

If you think that you are too old to succeed then read the following success stories of people who achieved success after an old age. Some of them changed careers after 50 while others began new careers in their 70s!

Do you think that you are too old to start over? then read the following lines

People who succeed late in life

  • 1) Colonel Sanders, started at the age of 65: The name might not be familiar but his brand is familiar to people all around the world. Kentucky friend chicken was founded by Colonel Sanders after the age of 65! At that old age he desperately tried to sell his recipe to restaurants and got around 1000 rejections before he managed to become successful. Do you think you are old to start over?
  • 2) Peter Mark Roget, started at the age of 73: The following line is copied from Wikipedia “He is best known for publishing, in 1852, the Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases (Roget’s Thesaurus), a classified collection of related words”. The one thing that Wikipedia didn’t mention is that Peter published his Thesaurus at the age of 73 and he became famous for it! How old are you to believe that you are too old for success?
  • 3)Grandma Moses, started at the age of 76!: Grandma Moses was a very old lady but she started becoming passionate about paintings. Grandma Moses started to sell paintings for 2 and 3 dollars and as the time passed she became so successful that many of her paintings were sold for thousands of dollars. In 2006 one of her works was sold for 1.2 million dollars! You think you are too old right?

Success has nothing to do with age

How old are you? Thirty? forty? fifty? seventy? ninety?
It won’t even matter!
Success has nothing to do with age. You just need to believe that you can start all over and be persistent.

Prana -Your Spiritual Body’s Energy

Prana- the life energy

“One who knows the Prana–whence he has his source, how he enters the body, how he lives there after dividing himself five-fold, what are his inner workings–such an one attains to immortality, even to immortality” (Prashna Upanishad 3:11, 12).

“And then at the moment of death, through the nerve in the center of the spine, the Udana, which is the fifth Prana, leads the virtuous man upward to higher birth, the sinful man downward to lower birth, and the man who is both virtuous and sinful to rebirth in the world of men (Prashna Upanishad 3:5-7).

We are, and everything we see around us is made of pure energy. Prana flows in everything that exists. Everything else to to exist: air, water, fire, earth, wind, trees, building, food, clothes, metal, cloud, stars..every atom, molecules of every substance and materiel”

Prana  is the Sanskrit word for “life force” or vital principle or “absolute energy”. In Hindu philosophy including yoga, Indian medicine, and martial arts, the term refers collectively to all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe on all levels. Prana is often referred to as the “life force” or “life energy”. It also includes energies present in inanimate objects. In the literature, prana is sometimes described as originating from the Sun and connecting the elements of the Universe. This life energy has been vividly invoked and described in the ancient Vedas and Upanishads.

If this is kept in mind the following will be more comprehensible and meaningful.

Indian philosophy describes prana flowing in channels called Nadis. The Shiva Samhita states that there is a total of 350,000 nadis in the human body, while other texts says there are 72,000 nadis, each branching off into another 72,000. These nadis play an important role in the application and understanding of certain yoga practices. Shiva Samhita explains that the three most important nadis are the Ida, the Pingala and the Sushumna, each facilitating the flow of praṇā vāyu throughout the body.

Ida nadi relates to the right side of the brain, and the left side of the body, terminating at the left nostril. Pingala nadi relates to the left side of the brain and the right side of the body, terminating at the right nostril. Sushumna nadi connects the base chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head

“The Prana himself dwells in eye, ear, mouth, and nose; the Apana, which is the second Prana, rules the organs of excretion and generation; the Samana, which is the third Prana, inhabits the navel and governs digestion and assimilation.

Divisions of prana

Though the antahkarana, the inner instrument, is one, yet it assumes four forms:

i) Manas: the thinking mind,

ii) Buddhi:  intellect,

iii) Chitta: memory or consciousness and

iv) Ahamkara: ego, according to the different functions it performs. Likewise, though prana is one,

Five Forms of Prana

according to the different functions it performs. This division is termed as vritti bheda. it assumes five forms:

1) Prana: the prana that moves upward

2) Apana: The prana that moves downward, producing the excretory functions in general

3) Samana: The prana the carries the grosser material of food to the apana and brings the subtler material to each limb; the general force of digestion.

4) Udana: The prana which brings up or carries down what has been drunk or eaten; the general force of assimilation.

5) Vyana: The prana that holds prana and apana together and produces circulation in the body.

Colour of the pranas

Prana is said to be of the colour of blood, red gem or coral. Apana is of the colour indragopa (an insect of white or red colour). Samana is of the colour between that of pure milk or crystal and an oily shining colour, that is, something between both prana and apana. Udana is of an apandara, pale white, colour and vyana resembles the colour of archis, a ray of light

Control of prana

The yogi who becomes an expert in the knowledge of prana, will have no fear of any power, because he has mastery over all the manifestations of powers in the universe. What is commonly known as the power of personality is nothing more than the natural capacity of a person to wield his prana. Some persons are more successful in life, more influential and fascinating than others. It is all due to the power of this prana. Such people manipulate every day, unconsciously of course, the same influence which the yogi uses consciously by the command of his will.

There are various methods to heal and control Prana

A yogi can withdraw prana from any area of the body. That area gets benumbed, becomes impervious to heat and cold and has no sensation. A yogi can also send prana to any area and make it oversensitive; he can send it to the eyes and see distant objects; he can send it to the nose and experience divine aromas; he can send it to the tongue and experience super-sensuous taste.

By control of prana the yogi can also control the omnipresent manifesting power out of which all energies take their origin, whether concerning magnetism, electricity, gravitation, cohesion, nerve currents, vital forces or thought vibrations; in fact, the total forces of the universe, physical and mental. A comprehensive knowledge of prana and its function is absolutely necessary for pranayama.

Retro fantacy

Me; Retro Fantacy

I love the energy of that time.

simpler, happier emerging from the aftermath of the Second World war,

Families moved to the suburbs, fostered a baby boom

and subsist a happy life of family together.

A decade known for it’s conservative value

Dating a man would have never beeen shallow

There is a charming simplicity of it

I would have been wearing broad shoulder and tiny waist outfit.

Though Women had very little opportunities to be independent

The television show aired  “How to be a Good Wife” entitled.

Every morning, I woke my children up,

feast that consisted of towers of pancakes,

piles of eggs, and platefuls of bacon and patties

all topped with a pound of syrup.

The era don’t allow to greet husbands with problems or complaints,

Pity,  I would have been dependent on weekly monetary allowances.





My Perpetual love for animal!

me and horsy
patting and cuddling a injured horse

Animals can often teach us that happiness can be a lot simpler than we think – sometimes, all it takes is a warm spot on the floor bathed in sunlight, a warm radiator, or even a warm, soft tummy! These animals who love warmth will show you that sometimes, we all need to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life.

Its been always pleasurable relationship between me and animals that brings these two diverse species together. I observed,  animals show humans affection as they receive it and very soon I became a vegetarian. My growing endearment for Animals made me understood that they too have a sense of love, loyalty, and friendship as well as many other emotions and traits and  DO have the ability to feel emotion, just like humans. When I research more about animal rights and Active cruelty and passive cruelty I have joined Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and try through petition, donation and rescue calling.

As Abraham Lincoln said – “I am in a favor of animal rights as human rights. that is the way of whole hum being”