Noor under the dark Burqa!


Her name is “Noor”, the light

here is her self sustained art, laughing at own her birthright!

“Under the my burqa, I feel in deep dark frostbite”.

I am from old city of Hyderabad, beautiful history, architecture monuments and ample,

But, the once beautiful and historical Charminar and Golconda Fort are now in shambles.

Spike in air pollution and freshness is in diminution,

Then I remembered my saviour “Burqa” as restitution!

I am an intelligent and smart woman more than an average,

You’ll never find me on Social Book, b’cause I’m living in savage!

The other day I saw patches and rashes on my skin, it’s eczema disease,

people told me I am a dirty sleaze!

I looked at my black, dead non-ventilated,

As malicious glees!

But, I a the “Noor” lighting up the world,

Consoling over my own sufferings to be furled!”





3 thoughts on “Noor under the dark Burqa!

    1. Thank you so much @gaining cation.!
      I have been living in Hyderabad, India for 7 years and it’s very modern with growing IT industry, fashion, movie industry; ironically, Old city is still in deep pit. Specially, some women feel suffocating under their “burqa” and limitations of their life’s choice!

      Wish you have good day!
      Love& peace

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