Living in a suicidal habitat

“I want to save everyone from pain, depression, loneliness and heartache, But how can I do if I myself in Pain?” – Unknown 70b9a34362e40a6313aeb490b07a578a

We keep denying the contrast of life and living in blur all of shadow of happiness and sorrows, pain, disguise, trauma, depression and deprivation. Everyday news of  suicides of farmers in Telnagana, India is grim. I started feeling sad that despite our country is so capable and blessed with abundant natural resources farmers had to take extreme decision of taking their own life, it was no other way left for them than to commit suicide. Yes, this time also the culprit is government. It is the poverty, loan system for farmers which not helped in the time of drought and other uncertainty of weather. 

But, what happened to those who has no such extreme reasons to commit suicide? India, many western society’s dream holy destination, who come every year to learn it’s divinity and surpass amongst the whole world how their life changed after visiting rural India, Dharamshala, after participation in yoga retreat in Rishikesh. It’s a quite a loathsome to know that the official estimates of number of Indians take their lives annually as many as 200,000. Almost half of the suicides committed in this country is motivated by family and health reasons.

It’s not surprising to see growing suicide rates in the world are mostly amongst Asian and African countries. while most of the countries with high-suicide rates are daunting cases of poverty and unemployment. This includes, Russia, Turkmenistan, South Sudan, Burundi, Kazakhstan, Nepal, United Republic Of Tanzania, Mozambique, Suriname, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Democratic republic of Korea, Guyana, Comoros, Sudan.Bhutan, Zimbabwe, Belarus,Japan, Hungary, Uganda are just to name it.

But, Wait!!!! What is paradox of developed countries and it’s love for the suicide? Countries in the developed world must have everything good for them. Thier high-income, good health care, Insurance policies, least corruption, access to modern technology and in general higher standard of living look so perfect. Look at the Scandinavian countries. Are not they have the world’s best facilities? Are not they are the happiest people on this earth? More Americans now die more of suicide than in car accident. Ireland has a relatively high rate which is situated within the 18-20 per 100,000 range, though far lower than Baltic countries.

This is ironic, contradiction, paradox and gloomy that we human are stretching ourselves beyond our capacity. Where rich countries and the people are more privileged on the contrary they demand more from life, sensitive to very minute problems and suffer from depression quite often and which leads to more committing of suicides. Where as Unprivileged countries and people suffer being poor, ill and suffocated. 

But, we are comparing happiness of others with us and where the most failures happen. We, the human can be each other’s  strength, where one’s weaknesses can be other’s strength. We can support each country’s weaknesses and offer what other country’s people got to best to offer  and. It can happen without blaming the government anymore. We can create our own society of self-sufficiency. We can help each other emotionally, economically and Intellectually.


3 thoughts on “Living in a suicidal habitat

  1. Humans are social beings. Once upon a time, in the US, people had numerous friends that they thought they could rely on. With time, the floor space of people’s house increased and the number of people they thought they could rely on drastically decreased! Even though today people have countless friends on the Internet, one cannot rely on these friends. Most people in the developed countries are lonely.
    In India, in the villages, people have real connections with those around them. It’s thus that the suicide rate in the developing nations is far more in comparison to developing nations. The citizens of developing countries are equipped with materialistic possessions that the citizens of developing countries can only think of but at the end of the day, technology cannot substitute real human connections. Loneliness leads to depression and eventually people get suicidal.
    The only way to stop suicides is to make real connections with people. After all, like I said earlier, humans are social beings 😀 Keep Blogging. Would love to read more of your posts.

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      1. I don’t know about unrealistic but we’re certainly more isolated than we were and also impatient. I’m sorry about a few minor mistakes that I committed in my comment while typing it in hurry.

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