“Happiness is in Small things” doesn’t mean you should stop working hard!

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama


Interpretation by us: “Happiness is in small things” make us stop dreaming big. Pursuing a Goal. We have to live like “Monk”. We shouldn’t work hard.

Truth: “Happiness is in small things”

We Human beings are naturally lazy. Yes, I admit that I am very lazy at times. But In the world,  there is only exists action and inaction. “Happiness is in small things” doesn’t mean that we become lazy and inactive or we shouldn’t pursue anything. The saying doesn’t interpret that we should stop working hard or refrain ourself from making money, wearing a nice dress, buying something for your necessity. The difference is we start comparing to others…other’s house, others car, others job, others look and other’s health. Example: I want to buy the same luxurious car like Elle and in some time I acquired the certain goal. I am very happy about the car, which is same like Elle. But, after few months my happiness fades away gradually. Now, I want something else. Yes, I am not happy about my personal relationship. Why can’t I have a boyfriend same like  in that movie? So, It’s goes on  and on..and this become insatiable habit. Our Happiness is completely reckoned on external force.

Happiness is in abundance! It’s around us. The whole saying “Happiness is in small things” not alone is the key to happiness though. Undoubtedly it is one of the best way to pursue the Happiness.

proportion of path to the Happiness!!


One thought on ““Happiness is in Small things” doesn’t mean you should stop working hard!

  1. Well said again and good examples.
    I have mused on similar thoughts most of the time
    Happiness, being content, satisfied, being a dreamer, ambitious and desiring something.
    All weigh different on the scale and it becomes tricky to balance them.
    I am however choosing to make an effort to achieve something I desire and give my best, if I don’t get it, I be content about it and satisfied with whatever is left with me. My slightly tricky key to happiness.


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