Why women are monogamous?

 “Have you seen what wolves do to their prey? But they do mate for life.

classy ladyIt is psychology than a judgement!!!!!

Yes, we women are genetically and epigentically different from men. The field of psychology has identified numerous differences mental functions and behavior of women and men. However, many feminist and changing priorities in women disprove the fact of this biological term!

I , myself give lots of importance to logic than emotions for being “one man woman” than biological or old rituals. Women who aren’t Hardwired for Monogamy or many women who think being monogamous is just as good as fiction, still large society of women specially in Asia, Europe, Australia or South-American have good reason to stay monogamous. There are certainly many benefits of why these large group of women believe to be monogamous are –

1. Sexually unfaithful individuals were less likely to be trustful.

2. Respect: We pursue respect from our society, family and our own children.

3. We lose our best partner to share every important moments from life.

4. You think about your children and their upbringing more than anything else.

5. Financial crisis.

6. Social security and protection for the woman and her children.

7. It’s stressful to find like-minded partner again.

8. You crave for accomplishment.

9. Intelligent women are not short-sighted and they plan for their old age and want to share every epilogue to continue till rest of her life.

10. You want to prove that you’re much stronger to face all the downturns of the same man.


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