Spa at home

Dear Divine!

Here you go for ancient secret of divine beauty, great skin, gleaming eyes and an aura ….


Jacuzzi: Dear Divine,  you don’t have to go to any expensive resort or Spa center to get your regular Jacuzzi done. you may install Jacuzzi Shower panel or bathtub at home. If this sounds little out of budget or lack of space you may look for another solution of “bucket”. Fill two bucket one with warm water and other with Cold. Take alternate bath once with warm and another with mug of cold water. Enhance the whole experience by adding few drops of rosemary oil into both tub or bucket. This will not only make the environment beautiful but improve your mood,  make you feel desirable and your skin will leave a fragrance till next day too 🙂 Hope, this Jacuzzi treatment at home make it million dollar treat to your skin. Make this routine for every weekend or whenever you have enough time.


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